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Sunday, August 12, 2012

L342+ comparison STR67

Today, I want to present results I got by combining two methods that I used before. The first method is described here and here; the second method is based on SplitsTree that I also used here and here.

I used all L342+ individuals with at least STR67 data from the R1a1a and Subclades Project at FTDNA, so L657- and L657+ individuals (and lots of people with unknown SNP status).

Here is the network as a jpg. (Update: New results of N101746 are included in jpg link.)
I started to annotate the different clusters and I will finish it soon, still I want to share the current status.

N101746 (Central&Southwest Asian; India) is in a cluster with:
M6851 (Arabic II; Saudi-Arabia),
M6699 (Arabic II; Unknown),
M6698 (Arabic II; Unknown),
M6853 (Arabic II; Unknown),
197670 (Central&Southwest Asian; India),
M6132 (Central&Southwest Asian; UAE), and
160543 (Central&Southwest Asian; Iraq).
The "Arabic II" individuals are very close to each other, while the "Central&Southwest Asian" individuals in this cluster show more diversity.

This described cluster above is close to another cluster that is very narrow. The follwoing individuals belong to this cluster:
157103 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
160271 (Arabic; Qatar),
162855 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
178907 (Arabic Saudi-Arabia),
178905 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
157621 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
157621 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
157619 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
M6895 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
178906 (Arabic; Saudi-Arabia),
M7066 (Arabic; Unknown),
M6183 (Arabic; Unknown),
M6679 (Arabic; Unknown),
M6458 (Arabic; Kuwait),
M7013 (Arabic; Kuwait),
M6982 (Arabic; Unknown), and
M6285 (Arabic; Qatar).

Zoom in:

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