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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whole Genome Comparison: Kurds vs closest genetic relatives

Similar to the previous analysis I want to using a rooted network (EqualAngle180) from SplitsTree, but in this analysis I want to include all individuals and population with an adjusted Euclidean distance of <10 towards the Kurd_D reference population of Dodecad K10a. This includes all Kurds, all Iranians and Azeris, most Georgians, a lot of Armenians, some Turks, one Iraqi Arab, and as reference populations Kurd_D, Kurds_Y, Iranian_D, Iranians (Behar), Abchazians_Y and Uzbekistan Jews: a total of 56 data points.
In this graph, the Caucasus people are closest to the root of network; KD001 and a few other Kurds are missing here (they are not part of the Dodecad project). From there the nework splits into two main branches, the left branch is dominated by Amrenians but it also includes the Iraqi Arab, Usbekistan Jews, one Georgian and one Turk and the right branch is dominated by Kurds and Iranians but it also includes two Turks. In the middle two more Turks and one Azeri show up. Interestingly, two of the Kurmanji Kurds (KD002 and KD007) are right at the root of the "Armenian" branch.

Next, I increased the number of tested samples from 56 to 112.

Again, the Caucasus people are closest to the root of network. Now, a 3rd branch in the middle appears that is dominated by Turks. The left branch now includes Assyrians and Georgian Jews.

To get a better view of the results, the same network with the Dodecad IDs.

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