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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Balaresque et al., 2015 (R1a)

Today, I want to identify R1a1 individuals that have the same STR8 haplotype (DYS393, DYS390, DYS19, DYS391, DYS439, DYS389i, DYS392, DYS389ii) as DS2 and DS15 in the recently published paper of Balaresque et al., 2015. Note that STR data have very limited information.

DS2 (perfect matches):
Dubai92 from Alshamali et al., 2009.
297613    Petr Sergeev Slyadnev, 1697, Oboyanskiy uezd    R-CTS3402 (FTDNA)
230707    Philippe Renouf b 2/8/1730 Jersey    R-Z284 (FTDNA)
349718    Iver Hansen Årholt, 1771, Stokke, VFL    R-M512 (FTDNA)
M6619        R-Z93 (FTDNA)
243297        R-L657 (FTDNA)
163435    sayak 14с., kyrgyz    R-M173 (FTDNA)
245562        R-M173 (probably Kyrgyz) (FTDNA)
220512        R-M173 (probably Kyrgyz) (FTDNA)
220490        R-M173 (probably Kyrgyz) (FTDNA)
220481        R-M173 (probably Kyrgyz) (FTDNA)
245558        R-M173 (probably Kyrgyz) (FTDNA)
249622     saribaghish (kyrgyz), KG    R-M512 (FTDNA)
71094      Samuel Duncan, d.1679/80 MA    R-M17 (FTDNA)

DS15 (perfect matches):
Qandahar/South Afghanistan (Sample Afg83)  R1a1a* M198 from Lacau et al., 2012
Filipino (Sample431) from Hwa et al., 2010
Izeh [Bakhtiari] (Sample235) from Roewer et al., 2009
Nepal (Kathmandu) R1a1*-M17    (Sample NplK19) from Gayden et al., 2011
Nepal (Kathmandu) R1a1*-M17    (Sample NplK31) from Gayden et al., 2011
Nepal (Kathmandu) R1a1*-M17    (Sample NplK40) from Gayden et al., 2011
Nepal (Newar) R1a1*-M17    (Sample NplN67) from Gayden et al., 2011
N89389    Franz Gromann, b. about 1775    R-M512    (FTDNA)
N34838    Stephan Beres    R-M198    (FTDNA)
256915    Mieczyslaw Seroka, Lublin province    R-M417    (FTDNA)
200664    Simon Netke,abt 1686 -1735    R-M512    (FTDNA)
N47039    Otto Julius Madsen 1896    R-M417    (FTDNA)
264572    Franciscus Zloklikovits,b 1790 Eisenhuttl, Hungary    R-CTS3402    (FTDNA)
127728    Andras Dutzman b. 1855 Levart Gemerska Slovakia    R-M512    (FTDNA)
131773    Thomas Madon, Illinois? 1941?    R-M512    (FTDNA)
N50210    Edmund Trawicki, geb. 1893, Legbad, Pomerania    R-F2686    (FTDNA)
E13973    R-M512    (FTDNA)
191976    Mikita Kapustin, b. 1587, Novosil, Russia    R-M417    (FTDNA)
257106    Lauri Heikinpoika Häyrinen, b. 1600, Joroinen    R-M512    (FTDNA)
188784    Venedikt Vorotyntsev, b.ab.1660, N.Devitsa, Russia    R-CTS456    (FTDNA)
283752    Yakim Loboda 1700 - 1750    R-M512    (FTDNA)
313105    Rönn    R-Z92    (FTDNA)
201068    Porfyriy Skvortsov, ?-ca.1920, Radalivka, Ukraine    R-Z92    (FTDNA)
140423    Olaf Andersson 1676-1759 Hemsjö Alingsås (O)    R-M512    (FTDNA)
N23825    Jurgen Kolbe, b.c.1675, Angermunde, Brandenburg,Pr    R-Z284    (FTDNA)
283402    Kete — Aidar — Azhibai — Seyit — Alseyit    R-M512    (FTDNA)
283403    Kete — Aidar — Azhibai — Seyit — Alseyit    R-M512    (FTDNA)
274445    Kete — Aidar — Azhibai — Seyit — Omar    R-Z93    (FTDNA)
274482    Kete — Aidar — Azhibai — Seyit — Alkerey    R-M512    (FTDNA)
192072    Adamyan, Aintab, Turkey    R-Z93    (FTDNA)
N94836    Mr. İlyas Çiloğlu    R-Z94    (FTDNA)
322561    Venkayya, b. 1830    R-M512    (FTDNA) 235474        R-M512    (FTDNA)
235471    R-M512    (FTDNA)
M8466     R-CTS3402    (FTDNA) M8458        R-PAGES00007    (FTDNA)
186386    need earliest known paternal ancestor info    R-M198    (FTDNA)
245563     R-M512    (FTDNA)
336409    Solto-Tœlœk    R-M512    (FTDNA) 219713    Sayak ~14c    R-M512    (FTDNA)
277359    Malkarov, Balkaria (Chegem→Baskhan)    R-F1345    (FTDNA)
221211     R-M512    (FTDNA) 20409    Gerd Bonorden born about 1500 Bielfel Germany    R-M512    (FTDNA)
295213    John T. Windsor, b. 1839 (IN), d. 1924 (MO)    R-Z94    (FTDNA)
M8568     R-M512    (FTDNA)
N3798     Raghavendra Kamath 1913-1989 Karkal India    R-Z94    (FTDNA)
306446    Aslan Hadji,gf of İ.Akbaev,Chokuna Efendi,Karachay    R-M512    (FTDNA)
237819    Abraham Kennedy, b. 1858, Vilnius; d. U.S./Poland    R-M512    (FTDNA)
255385    Samuel Duncan, b 1619 and d April 1680    R-M512    (FTDNA)
188766     R-M198    (FTDNA) 177329        R-M512    (FTDNA)
N112185  Ayyapankave Ramakrishna Krishmamurthy, b1926, Ayya    R-M512    (FTDNA)
306019    ataul Tiyrnakla, Bayramuk, Karachay    R-M512    (FTDNA)
336372     R-M512    (FTDNA)
N87639    Lemuel Murry,1826 -1909 Milton, Rutherford Co.TN    R-M17    (FTDNA)
120827    Samuel Irvine, 1789, Limavady, County Londonderry    R-M512    (FTDNA)
208262    Fernando Domingo Gutierrez, b. abt 1825    R-M512    (FTDNA)

Edit 01/16.2015:

I started to read the paper. In the supplementary table 3 it provides the number of individuals of each region belonging to a specific DC. I focused on Cinnioglu et al., 2004 data that is included in the supplementary table 3. It claims that in East Anatolia (region 4) 9 out 82 belong to DC2. There are only 9 individuals in region 4, none of them is a perfect match. I realized that only 5 out of 8 STRs need to be identical to belong to DC2 (this is a pretty vague cluster). Using this vague rule I identified more than 800 individuals that are within cluster DC2, a lot of them are not within Z93 and from Europe (Z282+ individuals):

Overall, this suggests that data using STR values have very little value, no matter where it is published, especially when it is about vague clusters based on 8 STRs only.

Edit2 01/16.2015:

In the current FTDNA R1a1a and Subclades Y-DNA Project I identified 1792 out of 3418 belonging to DC2 (52.4%).
In the current FTDNA R1a1a and Subclades Y-DNA Project I identified 2668 out of 3418 belonging to DC15 (78.1%).

This highlights that STR values cannot substitute SNPs.