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Friday, August 24, 2012

Haplogroup J1 tree STR111

Edit 09/12/2012:
I updated this post to make it shorter/easier for readers.

Today, I want to present the haplogroup J1 tree with STR111 data. I used the same method as before. Most of the individuals in this tree are from the Arabian peninsula and have the haplogroup J1b2b1 (aka J1c3d2) L222.2+. Some of them did not test for L222.2 but I am pretty confident about this. Based on the tree I predicted the haplogroups of some others.

Unfortunately, there is no Kurdish data included in this tree but we can assume that most Kurds with J1 belong to the same subclade as their closest neighbors, i.e. J1* M267. Of course, this has to be confirmed.

Actually, one individual in this figure is definitely from Iraqi Kurdistan: Irq---92829 is an Assyrian of Erbil :-)

I know of one Kurd of Sharif descent that is J1b2b. Unfortunately, he has only STR67 analyzed, so I cannot include him in the STR111 trees presented below. However, he is grouped with 100329 (unknown origin) and M4284 (from UAE) in the FTDNA J Haplogroup Project, so he would be close to these in the tree, and both 100329 and M4284 are at the root of the very large J1b2b branch (The previous name of J1b2b was J1c3d; at 23andme it is called J1e; details about the name changes can be found at ISOGG).

Color code:
J1 M267 Z1834-, Z1842- grey ("oldest" branch)
J1 M267 Z1842+ light blue
J1a M365.1 red (only one individual: Antonio Gomes 1635, Milhazes, Barcelos, Portugal [Por---73612]) 
J1b* L136  light green
J1b2* P58 dark green (clover)
J1b2b* L147.1 blue
J1b2b* Jewish Cohanim Cluster orange
J1b2b*  L859+ yellow
J1b2b1 L222.2+ purple    

Here are the results.
Rectangular tree of J1 (as jpg and as pdf):

Polar tree of J1 (as jpg and as pdf):

Based on this STR111-based tree the history of J1 is much clearer. 

1. The ancestral region of J1 is Caucasus, Northern Mesopotamia or Eastern Anatolia.
2. There is an early split of J1 into two branches.

Edit 09/24/12:
Rob1 ( user) helped me collecting more J1 STR111 data. The new tree has a total of 313 users (see below). Three Jewish clusters emerged in the STR tree, all three clusters are highlighted in light orange, orange, and dark orange. Arab clusters within the blue J1b2b* L147.1 area are highlighted in light brown, brown, dark brown, and asparagus green. The greenish Arab cluster is at the root of the J1b2b1 L222.2+ purple cluster. The most obvious cluster within the J1b2b1 L222.2+ purple cluster is Bany Zaid cluster (highlighted in red).

Edit 09/30/12:
Iyyovi ( user) asked me to upload pdf versions of the latest J1 rectangular and polar tree.
pdf polar tree
pdf rectangular tree

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  1. Me chamo Márcio e sou brasileiro, fiz o teste yDNA 67 MARCADORES, atualizei meu halopgrupo com o pack J M267, e fui confirmado em J-FGC2, Eu sou J1c3d2, mas só vou saber a que tribo aproximo depois que comprar o pack FGC2 de SNPs...