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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kurdish Y-DNA Part VII

Now, we have another two individuals with haplogroup J2 (highlighted in yellow):

Information about Kurdish autosomal DNA has been updated:
Dodecad K12b
Eurogenes K12b

1x E1b1b1c1a (Alevi Kurmanji from Dersim/Turkey)
1x G2a (Alevi Kurmanji from Turkey)
2x J1 (Feyli, originally from Iran)
1x J1c3 (Sorani from Iran)
1x J2 (Zaza from Dersim/Turkey)
1x J2 (Kurmanji from Dohuk)
1x J2 (Kurmanji from Turkey)
1x J2a3a (J2a1a at 23andme; J2a4a at ISOGG 2009; he is M47+, M322+)(Yezidi from Iraq)
1x T (Sorani from Koysinjaq/Iraq)
1x R2a (Sorani from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq)
1x R1b1a2* (Kurmanji from Zakho/Iraq)
1x R1b1b2a (Zaza from Turkey)
1x R1b1 (P25+)(Kurmanji from Maras/Elbistan/Turkey)
1x R1a1a (Z93+, L342+, L657-)(Sorani from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq)
1x R1a1a (Z283+, Z282+, Z284-, M458-, Z280-, subclade 3  only his paternal great-grandfather is Kurdish from Turkey)
1x R1a1a (Alevi Zaza from Dersim/Turkey)
1x R1a1a (Alevi Kurmanji from Dersim/Turkey)
1x I2a2a* (old I2b1*; L1229-, L1230-, L1226-, L699-, L701-, L702-, L703-, L704-, M379) (Sorani from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq)

So far all tested SNPs of the I2a2a* individual turned out be negative.

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