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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kurdish autosomal DNA based Eurogenes K12b

Today, I want to present Kurdish results using Eurogenes K12b, presented on gedmatch. Thanks to all the contributors of this post.

Color coding for all relevant components:

Zaza1 from Turkey (KD001):

Zaza2 from Dersim/Turkey (KD024):

Alevi Kurmanji1 from Dersim/Turkey (KD002):

Alevi Kurmanji2 from Turkey (KD005):

Kurmanji from Turkey (KD006):

Kurmanji from Zakho/Iraq (KD007):

Kurmanji from Dohuk/Iraq (KD023):

Yezidi from Iraq (KD008):

Sorani1 from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq (KD009)

Sorani2 from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq (KD010):  

Sorani3 from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq (KD011)

Sorani4 from Sulaymaniyah and Darband/Iraq (KD012):  

Sorani5 from Koysinjaq/Iraq (KD013):

Sorani6 from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq (KD014):

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