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Thursday, July 12, 2012

mtDNA Haplogroup U1a1

Today, I want show some data about mtDNA haplogroup U1a1 because U1a1 is relatively rare and there are already two individuals with U1a1 in this Kurdish DNA project. To clarify, the focus of this post is U1a1, not U1a.

The current scientific literature has 9 fully sequenced U1a1's, presented here
 2. AY289073(Koraga/India) Ingman-Gyll
3. AY882396(Adygei = Circassian) Achilli-Rengo
4. DQ112932.2(Africa) Kivisild
5. EF556161 Behar2008 (5 out 82 = 6.1% of Iranian Jews)
6. EF657399 mtDNA250(Europe) Herrnstadt
7. EU597497(Adygei = Circassian, Russia) Hartmann
9. GU218692(Greece) FTDNA
10. HM156682(India) Govindaraj
11. HQ615882(Italy) FTDNA 

I should note that one Indian sequence  [EU872049(India) Bhat] was removed from GenBank because the sequence could not be confirmed. So the number of fully sequenced U1a1 is actually 9 and not 10 as presented by Ian Logan on his website (#8 in Ian Logan's list).

I made a lineage tree of the fully sequenced U1a1 samples:

Other data sources:
The Armenian DNA project does not have any mtDNA U1a1.
The Arab DNA project does not have any mtDNA U1a1.
The Jewish DNA project does not have any mtDNA U1a1.
The Assyrian DNA project does not have any mtDNA U1a1.

The Finland DNA project has 2 individuals with U1a1:
142783     Britta Laurintytar Kruskopp, Kannus? Suomi
213047 Thors
The global mtDNA haplogroup U1 project has 3 individuals (the Finnish sample same as above):
1 x Barbados
1 x Finland (142783 Britta Laurintytar Kruskopp, Kannus? Suomi)
1 x unknown

At 23andme there are at least 8 individuals with mtDNA U1a1:
1 x Zaza (from Turkey)
1 x Sorani (from Iraq)
1 x Assyrian (from Hakkari/Turkey)
1 x Turk (with maternal Circassian ancestry from Malatya)
1 x from Bethlehem
3 x Americans (unknown ancestry; from US and Canada)


  1. I am an American with U1a1 in my mtdna, and the ancestry is very mixed. Eurpoe, scandanavia, central and eastern Europe. I am still trying to determine the roots and ethnicity of my paternal grandmother. In ancestry dna study there is a "7%" unknown element. Thats all I know so far. My paternal grandmother, my father and I are all very dark complected, dark hair in a very "typical" looking caucasian family. My paternal grandmother was adopted and born in 1884 in Nebraska, her parents came from Canada to the US.

  2. I too, am a U1a1. I was tested through family tree dna and never get any matches except my mother. My furthest back ancestor was from Galicia, Spain late 1700s. Very lonely out here being a U1a1…………………..
    :( Maria Krane

    1. There was also a Galicia in the Ukraine that was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is part of Ukraine.
      I'm not saying that you are, but conflating Galicia, Spain with Galicia in Eastern Europe is a very common genealogical error. Given U1A1's prevalence in Eastern Europe there's a slight chance that she may not be from Galicia, Spain.

  3. My Dad is U1A1. His mother's family was from Poland.

  4. I am U1a1. Tested through 23andMe. I live in America but my mother was born in Gaeta, Italy. My grandmother is from Formia, Italy and goes back many generations in this location.

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  6. I am U1a1 with 40% british/Irish, 15% french/German, 6% Spanish, 0.1% North African and the rest is broadly north European. I was born in Northern France and I am Sephardic Jew by heritage. 23 and me did not find any close relatives (all distant cousin). You guys might try to check my 23andme profile.

  7. My mother's side is R1a. Her mother was born in Sicily. I read somewhere years ago that Italy could have up to 3 percent U1A Balkans 4 percent 5 percent in Anatolia to the Caucuses up to 6 percent but then decreases by the Kurds down to 3 percent and the Levant 1 to 2 percent to almost zero in the Arabian peninsula. Then I read a few were in Eastern Europe and Central Asian maybe from the Kurgan culture and the Scythians. This is a Caucasian group from Southern Europe to Anatolia I believe.

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  9. You will find some in Sweden too, though rare.
    Have a look at this adress

  10. I am U1A1 in Canada - grandparents came from Ukraine in an area known as Galicia. Father's side is Slovenian.

  11. I did a 23andMe test this year and my maternal haplogroup also came out as U1a1. I'm American. My great great great grandmother was born in Lillhärdal, Sweden in 1852, immigrated in 1883, and died in 1931 in McIntosh, Minnesota. Very interesting that this haplogroup is more Eastern European.

  12. I am U1a1 from the US. My maternal great grandmother was from Denmark but my 23andMe ancestry lists my Scandinavian at 7.1%. I'm still unclear on how this all works. Are all U1a1 related somehow? Since this haplogroup goes back so far (32000 yrs from what I've read) is there a low chance of finding more recent relatives?

  13. My mother-in-law is U1a1 from USA. Her mother and father, and her 4 grandparents are from Sicily, Italy.

  14. Just found out on 23andMe that I am U1A1 (from USA). The maternal line that I am sure of goes back to Slovakia. I am curious if any of you other non-Asian U1A1s test as having a low % of south Asian? I have been wondering if my 2% south Asian is from some more recent Roma ancestry (none I am actually aware of, but totally possible since I can only trace back my maternal line 3-4 generations), and that perhaps the u1a1 is related to that? I am wondering that because of an article I read recently about Roma having descended from dalits of northwest India.

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  16. Another U1A1 here... mother’s side is Hungarian/German heritage... father’s side is Ashkenazi Jewish

  17. Another U1a1 here my mother’s mother side irish or Scottish

  18. I am U1a1 from my mother's side and I am indian

  19. I have just had a 23andme test confirm i am U1a1. My parents both were born in Cyprus and my ancestry covers Southern Europe, Greece/Balkans, anatolia, Iran, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Lebanon, North Africa and of course Cypriot.

  20. Any U1a1a, pls email me, pls...

  21. I am U1A1a4. My mother's birth mother was Irish American. Family Tree DNA traced her lineage from Ireland down through France and Spain across the Southern half of Europe into Syria BC. I can't prove any of this since my mother was adopted and I had no record of my ancestry past mom's birth patents, and no names to go with that record. My mother was dark headed until her death at age 80. She had a light olive complexion but tanned very easily, very brown for an Irish woman. Her father also had dark hair and eyes and was described as English. I am reaching out hete to hopefully find more distant cousins to compete notes with.

  22. in addition, I carry a gene that is associated with the L carnatine deficiency. I read about this and it is also found among Ashkenazi Jews.hh

  23. My paternal grandmother is U1a1 from India - most likely Kerala

  24. My maternal line is U1a1. My great-great-grandmother (born 1827) was East Prussian from Dabrowno, Masuria, Poland.

  25. I am an American U1a1. My mother's family is Armenian and came from Turkey.

  26. I am British. My parents and grandparents are all from Iran. My maternal haplogroup is U1a1.

  27. My father's mtdna is U1a1, from Bologna/Ferrara, Italy

  28. I am also U1a1. My mother's ancestry is from Poland (Krakow). What does this mean other than wr all have a common female ancestor?