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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Genetic impact of the biggest cultural invention (agriculture)

In a previous post I presented how domestication of animals impacted small segments of the human genome very specifically. Today, I want to present how it changed the overall human genepool of Eurasia and beyond. From genetic studies we now know that not only the domesticated animals but also the farmers spread from the Middle East to the surrounding areas. But why is it that in some regions, a different paternal haplogroup and a different autosomal component is dominating?

Here, I am presenting two models, one for the paternal haplogroups, and one model for the autosomal components based on Dodecad K12b. Please, don't try to read distances or geographic directions out of the model, they depict the idea in an rough schematic manner.

Paternal haplogroups:

Dodecad K12b components:

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