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Monday, July 16, 2012

mtDNA Haplogroup H15

Today, I want show some data about mtDNA haplogroup H15 because H15 is relatively rare and there are already two individuals with H15 in this Kurdish DNA project, one is H15a (Kurdistan-Iraq), the other is H15b (Kurdistan-Iran).

The current scientific database (Genbank) has 12 fully sequenced H15's, presented here. One of them is the Kurdish H15a individual.

H15a 11410 
1. AY495146(European) Coble
H15a1 (57G) 14953
 2  AY713995(India) Palanichamy
3. EF657726 mtDNA545(Europe) Herrnstadt
4. FJ348171 Irene
5. HM852832(Iranian 36) Schoenberg  
6. JN807313(Iraq Kurdish) FTDNA      
H15b 3847
7. AY738960(Italy) Achill1         
8. EU600353(Druze) Shlush      
9. FJ384437 Fendt         
10. FJ384438 Fendt        
11. JF901940(Armenian) FTDNA
12. JN651417(Armenian) FTDNA   

I made a lineage tree of the fully sequenced H15 samples:

The closest individual to the Kurdish mtDNA H15a1 is from Iran.
The FJ348171 sample from South Tirol is considered to be H15a1 but it has a lot of additional mutations, so it is isolated from the other H15a1 individuals in this lineage tree.

Since the Kurdish H15b individual is not fully sequenced he cannot be inserted into the lineage tree (somewhere into the green area = H15b), however, based on the 23andme data some branches can be excluded for the Kurdish H15b:
The Kurdish H15b does not have the G10993A mutation of the Italian individual AY738960.
The Kurdish H15b does not have the T15115C mutation of the Armenian individual JF901940.

Other data sources:

The FTDNA Haplogroup H&HV mtGenome Project: H15 has 6 individuals with H15:

2 x H15 {Cluster B}
Kit numbers 167699 and 8202: one individual from Wuschewier, Markisch-Oderland, Brandenburg/Germany, and one individual from Shiraz, Iran

3 x H15b [Phylotree V14]
Kit numbers 200 (from Poland), 176696 (Armenian), and 189873 (Armenian)
These two Armenians at FTDNA are the same as the Armenians at Genbank (see lineage tree above)

1 x H15b1 [Phylotree V14]
Kit number 70730 (this individual is from the USA)

At 23andme there are at least 7 individuals with mtDNA H15:

1 x Sorani Kurd (H15a1 from Iraq)
1 x American (USA; H15a)
1 x unknown (H15a)
1 x Sorani Kurd (H15b from Iran)
1 x Lebanese Maronite (H15b)
 2 x Americans (USA; H15b)


  1. I am new viewer of this blog and wanted to share that my Haplogroup is H15a1a. I am a male participant and live in the USA. I was surprised to learn that this is such a rare grouping. I am having real difficulty in finding any matches at this point. If anyone wants to communicate and compare mtDNA information, my e-mail address is .

    Chuck Speed
    Amarillo, TX USA

    1. Hi,
      I make the Haplo from the mother side and found am H15...
      Do you know more about this main haplogroup?

    2. Hello, Milan. I did receive your email and responded to it. At this time we only know that this haplogroup did derive from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    3. I have the same haplogroup. I have sent you a mail. My mail:

  2. My Haplogroup is H15
    What these mutation means?
    Can i tracking my mother ascendents?

    Milan Zlámal
    Šumperk, North Moravia, Czech Republic

  3. My Haplogroup is H15
    What these mutation means?
    Can i tracking my mother ascendents?

    Milan Zlámal
    Šumperk, North Moravia, Czech Republic

  4. Hmm...
    Someone from Schoenberg...
    Its like ancient Shönberg - original name of Šumperk :D

    Milan Zlámal
    Šumperk, North Moravia, Czech Republic

  5. Hmm...
    Someone from Schoenberg...
    Its like ancient Shönberg - original name of Šumperk :D

    Milan Zlámal
    Šumperk, North Moravia, Czech Republic

  6. I am also having trouble finding information on my group H15b. My father is Hispanic and my mother plus 3 generations back on her side were all born in Germany, myself included

    1. Hello,
      I just found this site after searching for H15b, and didnt realize its so rare an MtDNA haplogroup. I am one of the 2 in US from 23nme who have this as far as I know. Im O negative, mostly Celtic, French, German, Scandinavian and Native American combination. Mostly Northern European. Caucasion dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, small frame.

    2. Hello Eve. I just found out from 23andMe I am also H15. Most of my recent ancestry is from Italy, and other parts of Europe, which I knew, however all of this Haplogrouping I am finding rather interesting.

  7. Wow! This is getting complicated! I just got my results back and my haplogroup is H15a1b. What makes this type so uncommon?

    1. Bs;''d
      Amy, :

      Lucotte et al. (2010) recovered the DNA of Napoleon Bonaparte from beard hair follicules and compared it to that of his mother, Letizia, and his younger sister Caroline. All three shared the same rare 16184T mutation, which places them within haplogroup H15a1b.

  8. My grandma is H15a1 according to her 23 and me results -- her family is from Sine (Sanandaj) and Bîjar (her place of birth) also in Eastern Kurdistan. If you are the KurdishDNA project author and you'd like me to put you in contact with her so that you can add her to your list of Kurds with H15 fell free to message me on facebook: Sarya Helo

    1. Send me an email to whatthe0000 at gmail dot com

  9. Hi, my name is Carol from Maine, USA and i am overwhelmed with all this. I just copied and pasted these numbers not knowing what they mean. Maybe i'm not doing something correctly cause i cannot understand what i'm reading about what these numbers mean. I thought i was strickly French, possibly some Indian. I don't know anyone who's of Kurdish descent. Maybe i have someone elses file, lol. Can someone please help? Thank you, Carol

    Best mtDNA Haplogroup Matches
    1) H15
    2) H15b
    2) H15a
    2) H15b1
    2) H15a1
    3) H15a1a

  10. Hi Gia, what would make me think this is Kurdish? Something lead me here. Can you possibly lead me to this decision? I'd appreciate your input. Thanks, Carol

    1. H15a1 is common in those places of nothern Turkey for example. But it is not a kurdish gene.

    2. So far in my research it seems like it is an Armeninan gene. 

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. H15: found in Scotland, Germany, Poland, Austria, northern Italy, Nothern Turkey, Central Asia (Turkmenistan), Iran and northern India. It is a gene with Indo-European origin (R1b).

  11. Hi,

    I was looking for people with the same haplogroup as me H15b1.
    I'm New to dna, mtdna and haplogroups.
    I'm also trying to find matches but they hard to find.
    I was wondering if anyone else here has the same as me.

    Markers found (shown as differences to rCRS):

    HVR2: 263G
    CR: 1438G 3847C 4769G 6253C 15326G 15715G

    Best mtDNA Haplogroup Matches:

    1) H15b1

    Defining Markers for haplogroup H15b1:
    HVR2: 55C 57C 263G
    CR: 750G 1438G 3847C 4769G 6253C 8860G 15326G 15715G

    Marker path from rCRS to haplogroup H15b1:
    H2a2a1(rCRS) ⇨ 263G ⇨ H2a2a ⇨ 8860G 15326G ⇨ H2a2 ⇨ 750G ⇨ H2a ⇨ 4769G ⇨ H2 ⇨ 1438G ⇨ H ⇨ 55C 57C 6253C ⇨ H15 ⇨ 3847C ⇨ H15b ⇨ 15715G ⇨ H15b1

    Imperfect Match. Your results contained differences with this haplogroup:
    Matches(7): 263G 1438G 3847C 4769G 6253C 15326G 15715G
    Mismatches(4): 55T 57T 750A 8860A


    I used a mtdna calculator and all these groups came out of it, with H15b1 and H15b with the most matches ( 7 and 6).
    Sorry for the long post, but I really hope someone can help me with this ☺️.
    Would be even more great if anyone has a match ��.
    Oh,forgot to say,I'm from the Netherlands.

    With kind regards,


  12. Hi, I've done my DNA test with 23andme and my result was H15. However, I found some information indicating it to be Jewish.

    Kind regards,