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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kurdish Y-DNA at 23andme Part III

Just a new update:
The individual that I described previously here turns out to be Z284-. So, he is still part of 'subclade 3' (see image below).

R1a1a (Z283+,  only his paternal great-grandfather is Kurdish from Turkey):
The second individual with paternal Kurdish ancestry and the Y chromosome haplogroup R1a1a is definitely a very interesting case for Kurds as well as for the 'R1a1a and Subclades Y chromosome project' itself, since he belongs to a subclade (called subclade 3 in the project=R1a1a1g*) that was just recently discovered and that split from the most common European subclades in very ancient times. He is positive for Z283 and negative for all tested underlying SNPs: Z283+ M417+ Z93- Z280- Pk5- P98- M64.2- M56- M458- M434- M334- M157.1- L260- L176.1- L175- Z284-.

To get a better idea of R1a1a and its subclades (lineage tree image from the project):

1x E1b1b1c1a (Alevi)
1x G2a (Alevi)
2x J1 (Feyli, originally from Iran)
1x J1c3 (Sorani)
1x J2 (Kurd from Turkey)
1x J2a3a (J2a1a at 23andme; J2a4a at ISOGG 2009; he is M47+, M322+)(Yezidi)
1x T (Sorani)
1x R2a (Sorani)
1x R1b1a2* (Kurmanji from Zakho)
1x R1b1b2a (Zaza)
1x R1a1a (Sorani)
1x R1a1a (Z283+, subclade 3  only his paternal great-grandfather is Kurdish from Turkey)
1x I2a2a* (old I2b1*) (Sorani)

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