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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kurdish Y-DNA at 23andme Part II

Just a new update including the Yezidi.

1x E1b1b1c1a (Alevi)
1x G2a (Alevi)
2x J1 (Feyli, originally from Iran)
1x J1c3 (Sorani)
1x J2 (Kurd from Turkey)
1x J2a3a (J2a1a at 23andme; J2a4a at ISOGG 2009; he is M47+, M322+)(Yezidi)
1x T (Sorani)
1x R2a (Sorani)
1x R1b1a2* (Kurmanji from Zakho)
1x R1b1b2a (Zaza)
1x R1a1a (Sorani)
1x R1a1a (Z283+,  only his paternal great-grandfather is Kurdish from Turkey)
1x I2a2a* (old I2b1*) (Sorani)

So where in the world can we find the Y haplogroup of the Yezidi individual? 
Answer: Mostly in Lebanon.

Zalloua et al., 2008 (M47+):
Lebanese (140/916 =  15.3%; evenly distributed between Lebanese Druze, Muslims, and Christians)

Regueiro et al., 2006 (M47+):
Southern Iran (4/117 = 3.4%)

Abu-Amero et al.,  2009 (M47+):
Saudi-Arabia (4/157 = 2.6%)

Cinnioglu et al., 2004 (M47+):
Turkey (6/523 =  1.1%)
Regional subdivision based on Cinnioglu:
a) Eastern Anatolia (Region 4): 2/82 = 2.4%
b) Central Anatolia (Region 7): 1/90 = 1.1%
c) Istanbul (Region 9): 3/81 = 3.7%

Giacomo et al., 2004 (M47+):
Syria (1/50 = 2%)
Turkey (1/168 = 0.6%)

Battaglia et al., 2009 (M47+):
Georgia (1/66 = 1.5%)

Cadenas et al., 2008 (M47+):
Qatar (1/72 = 1.4%)
UAE (3/164 = 1.8%)

Arredi et al., 2004 (M47+):
Tunisia (1/148 = 0.7%)

In the J2 Middle East Project, there are 4 confirmed cases of M47+:
 M4272     Bin Eabood     J2a4a
 E10798     K     J2a4a    
169860     Saleh     J2a4a     
M6737     Ben Ebrahim     J2a4a    

In the Armenian DNA Project, there is one confirmed case of M47+:
101499     Ohanes Chantikian, Van, Armenia     J2a4a     J-M47

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