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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indo-European Swadesh Mapping #001 "I"

This is a new series about the Indo-European language family. Again, my approach is purely descriptive, I don't want to hypothesize about the origin and ancestral location of proto-Ind0-European language (PIE). Instead I thought it might be nice to have maps showing world wide variation of Indo-European languages on a map. In order to prevent discussions I put the location of PIE in the middle of the Black Sea...

Today, I want to present a map for the word "I".

The map shows just the word for "I", not the corresponding language. The words are extracted from various sources, mostly from the Indo-European lexical cognacy database. To see the interactive maps, download the gmp files I created and open them at

How to see interactive maps:
1. Download map (gmp file).
2. Go to
3. Click "Project".
4. Upload map from your computer (the gmp file you just downloaded).
5. Click "Open".
6. Enjoy.

If you are interested to see the names of the included languages, I made a spreadsheet.

I included living and extinct languages, my main focus are the Swadesh words and the Indo-Iranian languages.

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