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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Derenko et al., 2013

Today, I want to present Derenko et al, 2013 and more specifically the mtDNA of five Kurdish Individuals from Iran described in this paper. Three Kurds are from Kermanshah, one Kurd is from Baneh, and one Kurd is from Mashhad.

1x U7a2 (U7a2a1 based on Derenko et al, 2013: KC911509) A16318T, T16519C, A73G, C151T, T152C, A263G, 315.1C, 523DEL, 524DEL, A5265G, T7870C, C12094T, C14533T, G16129A, A16309A, T16519C  (Kurd from Kermanshah/Iran; Derenko et al., 2013)

1x F1b1 (F1b1* based on Derenko et al, 2013: KC911336) T152C, C10976T, C12633T, G14476A, T16189C, C16232A, T16249C 16311C, T204C, 309.1C, 315.1C, 523DEL, 524DEL,  C3533T, A8718G,  G13759A, 15398G, A16183C, T16519C (Kurd from Kermanshah/Iran; Derenko et al., 2013)

1x H13c (H13c2 based on Derenko et al, 2013 KC911276) G143A, A153G, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C, 523DEL, 524DEL, 15406T, G16129A, A16300G  (Kurd from Kermanshah/Iran; Derenko et al., 2013)

1x C5c1 (C5c1b based on Derenko et al, 2013 KC911629) A249DEL, T3552A, A9545G, G11914A,  A13263G, T14318C, C16327T, 595.1C, T16288C, T10454C, G16518T, C16527T, C16234T, 315.1C, G7521A, C9431A, T11465C, T16519C (Kurd from Baneh/Iran; Derenko et al., 2013)
1x K1b1c (K1b1c based on Derenko et al, 2013 KC911572) T1189C, A10398G, G5913A, G9962A, 
A10289G, C15946T, G94A, G3337A, G11914A, 309.1C, 315.1C, T650C, A5811G, G8545A, T16519C  
(Kurd from Mashhad/Iran; Derenko et al., 2013)


  1. Are there any academic studies with a large and strategic sample set of Kurdish mtDNA? If you have any on other middle eastern results can you post some links. It's about time a big amount of complete mtDNA genomes are sampled from the middle east. All we have is a small amount from Europe, and all the most recent studies are still focused on Europe which doesn't tell the full diversity of west Eurasian mtDNA. No wonder early on everyone thought all the major farmer lineages(H, J, T, etc.) originated in the Basque country, because they didn't do comparable sampling in the middle east. It just kind of ticks me off how people don't see the biased sampling there.

    1. I added several publications with Kurdish mtDNA, some of them have complete mtDNA genomes.