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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Globe13 Calculator for genetic distance, biogeographical ancestry, and Oracle

Today, I am presenting a quite big Excel file (93 MB) that I generated to calculate genetic distances, biogeographical ancestry, and Oracle.
The file can be found in Data Sink.
Here is the direct link.

How to use it:
1. Open file in Excel; enable Macro.
2. Go to sheet "Paste here!" and add your Globe13 component values in cells B2 - N2.
3. Go to "Tools", then "Macro", then run Macro "Sort".
4. You are done. The results appear on sheet "Paste here!". Based on your computer the calculations can take up to one minute.

Example: results for Kurd_D

1. Top100 matches for Kurd_D (all samples)
 2. Top100 matches for Kurd_D (reference populations only)
3. Oracle TOP500 combinations for Kurd_D (reference populations only)
4. OracleTOP500 combinations for Kurd_D (all samples)
5. Predicted location for biogeographical ancestry of Kurd_D

The calculated latitude and longitude numbers can be directly pasted into

Previously, I used this Excel file to generate some phylogenetic trees and a map.


  1. Thanks Palisto,
    i have a problem here
    >debug screen

    I don't have this problem with your K12b tool.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It is a typo, just replace "CJX288" with "CX288" in the macro.

      I think you are using an older version of Excel, it cannot handle that many columns, with my Excel I don't get this error message.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks it's fixed now. It placed me on north of Gever now

      Do you plan something similar for Eurogenes tools such as K13 or K15?

  2. Hi, I'm getting this error:

    1. Ik had ook een error, maar de resultaten verschenen nog wel altijd in het 'Paste Here' tabblad.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My predicted location was 35.47; 42.97, which made me end up quite a bit south of Mosul.
    Revised: I changed CJX288 to CX288, and it made all my results change. How can this be? It recognized my DOD number in both cases, yet the population sets as well as the location changed.
    New location: 38.65; 44.28, Bakur-Rojhelat border, at the height of Van.

    1. Not sure why you got 35.47; 42.97 in your first run.
      38.65; 44.28 is the correct calculated location.

  5. Where can I get my Globe13 component values?

      Use the calculator from the link above.

  6. Palisto can I have your E-Mail adress. I recently got my first results and wanted to send you my y and mtDNA. I have allot of questions about it. My yDNA says R1a1a* and I seem to not fit the either of the R1a1a1/R1a1a2,/R1a1a3/R1a1a4/R1a1a5 sub clades.

  7. You can measure the distance between two locations using Google Maps. The instructions below are different depending on whether city distance calculator.

  8. I recently had a need to calculate distance between a large number of latitude/longitude coordinate pairs. USA city distances There are many options available if you want to import these in a GIS and run analysis. But there is a simpler and much more accesible way if you aren't doing very high accuracy calculations.