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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HV1b2 discovered among Yezidi Kurd

Today, I want to present the mtDNA data of the Yezidi Kurd, HV1b2.

From the FTDNA project "The Haplogroup H&HV mtGenome Project: HV1 - mtDNA Test Results for Members" it is known that HV1b2 is present in Eastern Europe.
From the HV1b FTDNA project it becomes quiet clear that most - if not all - Eastern Europeans with HV1b2 have maternal Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

The presence of HV1b2 in Ashkenazi Jews and Kurds fits to my idea that Ashkenazi Jews are Jews who lived in the Parthian (also known as Ashkanian) Empire for centuries, then moved to the Rhineland as merchants around 800 AD.

The autosomal DNA of the Yezidi Kurd fits very well with Iraqi Kurds (Non-Yezidis), which makes sense given that the religious center of Yezidis is in Lalish, in the province Dohuk in Kurdistan-Iraq. Interestingly, he shares a DNA segment with a Kurdish individual from Duhok. His biogeographical ancestry was added to the map here.

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