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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Light eyes from Asia

Since I was looking into HERC2 haplotypes from all over the world I thought it would be interesting to see the phenotype repertoire of eye colors from Asia.

I found a great collection of photos on a French blog called


  1. It's a good find Palisto, one that folks curious about Asian variation have either come across or will stumble into. I do recall there being a lot of debate on forums concerning the authenticity of some of those pictures (i.e. pictures purporting one ethnic group are in fact another). I don't know if that's part and parcel of topics like this.

  2. The reason for that is the people who spoke the ancestral language to Indo Iranian and Tocherian. Migrated out of Russian Yamna culture about 5,000ybp then spread acroos asia. DNA samples of early Indo Iranians like form Andronovo culture show they were mainly light eyed and haired. It is not a surprise that over so many thousands of years of admixture it survived at least a little bit. I want to know if there is trulley non European light eyes I am pretty sure there is because it exists in Assyrians who show pretty much no European admixture in austomal DNA.