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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Economic Distance Calculator

Today, I want to present Economic Distance Calculator. Recently, Jayant Kalghatgi left a comment for my Cultural Distance Calculator. He asked if I have a similar approach to calculate economic distances. I came up with a distance calculator that contains 11 components/dimensions:
1. GDP - per capita (PPP)
2. Unemployment rate   
3. Agriculture % of GDP
4. Industry  % of GDP   
5. Service  % of GDP   
6. Budget Surplus   
7. Inflation       
8. Debt per capita   
9. Exports per capita   
10. Imports per capita
11. Median Age   

The median age of a population itself is not a economic component but I think it determines the direction and strength of an economy.

I generated an unrooted NJ tree based on these 11 components (for better resolution see pdf):
 In general, the left side shows the "rich" countries, the right side shows the "poor" countries.


  1. locations in this distance calculator are from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), the federal standard for geographic nomenclature.

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