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Thursday, May 17, 2012

mtDNA of Kurds Part IV

Just an update:

1x C4b (Alevi Kurmanji)
1x H5a1 (Sorani)
1x H13a2 (Alevi Kurmanji from Dersim)
1x H14 (Yezidi)
1x H15a (Sorani; mtDNA fully sequenced here and here)
1x H15b (Sorani)
1x HV (Sorani)
1x HV (Kurmanji from Zakho)
1x J1b (Sorani)
1x J1c (Alevi Kurmanji from Dersim)
1x J2a1a  (Kurd from Turkey)
1x N1b1 (Alevi)
1x U1a1 (Zaza)
1x U1a1 (Sorani)
1x U8b (Feyli)

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