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Friday, August 10, 2012

I2a2a*-M233 (old I2b1*) Z161+ found in Kurdish individual

I2a2a*-M233 (old I2b1*) is being seen as an European haplogroup, this is why I was curious about its occurrence in one Kurdish individual and wrote a post about its world wide distribution here.

Finally,  after a long search the Kurdish I2a2a*-M233 (old I2b1*) turned out to be positive for one SNP downstream of M233, he is Z161+. Newly tested SNPs are highlighted in yellow.

1x I2a2a* (old I2b1*; Z161+, L1228-, L1229-, L1230-, L1226-, L699-, L701-, L702-, L703-, L704-, M379-)(Sorani from Sulaymaniyah/Iraq)

The tree presented in the results part of the I2b1/M223 Y-CLAN STUDY shows the details/relationships of the different groups of I2a2a*. The current position of the mentioned Sorani Kurd is highlighted in bold and yellow. Z161 has two branches: L801/Z76 and L623/L147.4, highlighted in green and light blue, respectively.  L801/Z76 is divided into a three subbranches but based on 23andme data we can already exclude two of them because he is negative for Z78 ( and P95 (

Excluded branches are highlighted in dark grey (based on the SNPs tested individually by FTDNA).
Excluded branches are highlighted in light grey (based on the SNPs tested automatically by 23andme).

1- M223
1.1- L1229* (Roots)
1.1.1- L812* (Roots Group 1a/446 = 8, 438 = 8) L319 (Roots Group 1a/446 = 8, 438 = 8)
1.1.2- L1230 (Roots Group 2a Section 1/446 = 9, 531 = 11)
1.2- Z161
1.2.1- L801 Z76* (Cont2a, Cont2b/P95-, Cont2to1, Cont1-X) Z78* (Cont1-XX) L1198 (Cont1, Cont1a) Z190 (Cont1b, Cont1c) Z79 (Cont1c1) P95 (Cont2b) L1201 (Cont2b)
1.2.2- L623, L147.4 (Cont2c)
1.3- L701/L702
1.3.1- P78 (Cont3a) L484 (Cont3a)
1.3.2- L699/L703 (I2b1-XX) L704 (I2b1-XX1) L1226 (I2b1-XX1)
1.4- M284*
1.4.1- L1195 L1193* (Isles E) L1194 (Isles E) L126, L137, L369 (Isles Limbo, Isles Sc)
1.5- L1228 (I2b1-X)
1.5.1- L1227 (I2b1-X)

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