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Friday, March 1, 2013

Swadesh Word List of Indo-European languages

Today, I want to present a spreadsheet of Swadesh words I generated. It contains 207 words of the Swadesh list and some more. The table is pretty large but not complete. For ancient languages I had a hard time finding any words at all.

I collected words from these languages (ancient languages in red):
Hittite    Luwian    Lycian    Palaic    Phyrgian    Tocharian A    Tocharian B    Thracian    Albanian    Ancient Greek    Ancient Greek (Herodotus)    Greek    Classical Armenian    Armenian Mod    Eastern Armenian    Mitanni    Saka (Khotanese)    Saka (Tumshuqese)    Avesta    Old Persian    Middle Persian    Persian    Tajik    Median    Parthian    Zazaki    Kurdish    Gorani: Macho from Topzawa (Kurdistan-Iraq)    Gorani: Shabaki from Qahrawa    Gorani: Bajalani from Arpaîi (source: MacKenzie 1956)    Gorani: Hawrami from Byara    Northern Talysh (Lavandavili / Lankaroni)    Central Talysh (Taleshdulaei)    Southern Talysh (Khushabari / Shandermani)    Tati (Kelori / Geluzani)    Old Azari    Semnani    Gilaki    Mazandarani    Balochi    Pashto    Waziri    Yaghnobi    Sogdian    Khwarezmian    Wakhi    Ormuri: Logar    Ormuri:Kanigur    Parachi    Yidgha    Munji    Bactrian    Ishkashimi    Zebaki    Sanglechi    Shughni    Rushani    Sariqoli    Yazgulami    Iron (Ossetic)    Digor (Ossetic)    Ossetic    Kata/Kati    Kami    Wasi    Khowar    Kalasha(mun)    Kashmiri    Classical Sanskrit    Vedic Sanskrit    Urdu    Sindhi    Lahnda    Gypsi Gk    Punjabi St    Gujarati    Marwari    Hindi    Khaskura    Nepali    Bihari    Magahi    Assamese    Bengali    Oriya    Marathi    Sin(g)halese    Dhivehi (Maldivian)    Old Church Slavonic    Macedonian    Bulgarian    Slovenian    Serbo-Croatian    Russian    Ukrainian    Byelorussian    Slovak     Czech    Polish    Lower Sorbian    Upper Sorbian    Old Prussian    Latvian    Lithuanian    Old Norse    Icelandic St    Faroese    Norwegian    Swedish    Danish    Old English    English    Frisian    Dutch List    Flemish    Afrikaans    Sranan    Old High German    German    Pennsylvania Dutch    Lëtzebuergesch    Schwyzerdütsch    Gothic    Oscan    Umbrian    Latin    Italian    Sardinian   Catalan    Spanish    Brazilian    Portuguese St    French    French Creole    Walloon    Provencal    Ladin    Romansch    Friulian    Rumanian    Vlach    Gaulisch    Cornish    Breton    Welsh    Old Irish    Irish    Gaelic (Scots)


  1. Wow, this is awesome!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

    Incredibly helpful--I wish I could give you a hug!

  2. A great job! I have just started to study the spreadsheet and would be glad to discuss the details with you later.
    Kind regards,

  3. Great job! Congratulations! I have developped a system ( to generate language families trees out of 18 words from the Swadesh list. I will certainly add some of your stuff! Would be nice to get in touch,

  4. Hello,

    I am quite enthousiastic about your data. I have converted them to the format I use to generate language family trees on my blog - you can have a look here:

    IE Language family tree from your data.

    The tree is automatically generated out an optimal subset of words from your list (Swadesh-Yakhontov's subset).

    Kind regards



  5. Hello Palisto,
    Great work! I wonder if you have an updated version. I have put a lot of work in the Swadesh lists in Wiktionary. Perhaps you can have a look at those for an update.

    Greetings, Hans Rompel

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  7. Hello! May I ask you, how did you get the data?