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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Economic Distance Calculator

Today, I want to present Economic Distance Calculator. Recently, Jayant Kalghatgi left a comment for my Cultural Distance Calculator. He asked if I have a similar approach to calculate economic distances. I came up with a distance calculator that contains 11 components/dimensions:
1. GDP - per capita (PPP)
2. Unemployment rate   
3. Agriculture % of GDP
4. Industry  % of GDP   
5. Service  % of GDP   
6. Budget Surplus   
7. Inflation       
8. Debt per capita   
9. Exports per capita   
10. Imports per capita
11. Median Age   

The median age of a population itself is not a economic component but I think it determines the direction and strength of an economy.

I generated an unrooted NJ tree based on these 11 components (for better resolution see pdf):
 In general, the left side shows the "rich" countries, the right side shows the "poor" countries.

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  1. locations in this distance calculator are from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), the federal standard for geographic nomenclature.