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Monday, October 1, 2012

Haplogroup E STR111 tree

Today, I want to present the haplogroup E tree with STR111 data. I used the same method as before. Most individuals belong the subbranch E1b1. Two individuals from Poland seem to be outliers. They show clear differences in their STR values (e.g. DYS532=9) to other E1b1 individuals.
STR values are mostly in agreement with the SNP status making the presented STR trees a nice tool to get an overview over the variety of haplogroup E1b1. However, some STR values of neighboring SNPs are so close to each other that no clear STR clustering is visible (e.g. E1b1a, E1b1a7a and E1b1a8a).

So far as I know no Kurd is included in this tree but there is one Alevi Kurmanji Kurd from Dersim (KD002) with haplogroup E1b1b1c1a-M84 (dark blue).
Cinnioglu et al, 2004 described two types of haplogroup E in Eastern Anatolia: E1b1b1c1-M34 (light blue) and E1b1b1a1-M78 (pink); underlying SNPs were not analyzed.

Rectangular STR111 tree of haplogroup E (pdf version):

Polar STR111 tree of haplogroup E (pdf version):

Radial STR111 tree of haplogroup E (pdf version):

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